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2004-05-10: Sorry about downtime since thursday

Hi guys, unfortunately the webserver of our provider was hacked. Because of that, our site was unavailabe and down since thursday. All our pages were lost, because the hacker was in the security system of our provider too.

With good luck, it was possible for us to upload an old Backup. The database is actual and we hope to get the site completely up as soon as possible.

We hope for your understandig and that you visit us in future again.

2004-04-15: New version of BMX-Racer / Forum got the newest software update

Yesterday I forgot to give you the new version of BMX Racer. It is a bugfix from black_hole and now you may switch correctly between joystick and keyboard.

Additionaly our forum got the newest phpBB version (v2.0.8a).

2004-04-14: New special and Yape v0.56

Today I would like to thank to Fred Sawusch alias black_hole who gives us a new special for download. Perhaps you have old memories, if you see it ;-).

The new Yape v0.56 includes a lot of improvements and bugfiexes too. It is a fixed version of v0.55 (which was not availible on

Thanks to C64Doc we don"t want to keep back the invitation to Classic-Computing 2004 on Septembre 2004.

2004-02-13: Little Update...

Hello, for all who don't know ;-), there is a new VICE 1.14 since 2004-01-30. Further information you may find on our homepage.

2004-01-16: Mail Madness! Party #7 and new Yape

Thanks to Mr. Museums brandnew topic in our forum, we want to invite you to the 7th Mail Madness Party between 04-30 and 2004-05-02. Further information you will find here. Mr. Museum and his Team will be glad to welcome you ;-)

Yape v0.54is out with full disk write support! Now it is possible to play games like Barts Tale III in the Plus/4 emulation...

Additionaly we wish you a "Happy New Year", hoping there will be a lot of updates in the new year 2004...

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